Kategori Pekerjaan: IT Pemasaran dan Informasi
Tipe Pekerjaan: Full Time
Sertifikat STR: Tidak Wajib

About the Role

Here at RSDK Ciamis, nothing we do is ever described as “boring.” As our Digital Marketing strategies, you will be the main orchestrator of the strategy and analytics for our digital platforms and exposures. Your main responsibility will be to ensure that all the content and campaigns produced succeed (quantity and quality driven results) and are amplified well-enough to resonate within our audience minds. With your expertise in digital marketing and broadcasting strategy, you will be instrumental in helping to create national-class social media campaigns for RSDK Ciamis. We need you to change things and push the boundaries of our digital strategy!

What You Will Do

  • Lead digital content marketing, event management and public appearances
  • Ensure that every content and campaign produced succeeds (quantity and quality driven results) and amplified well and be discovered by our patients
  • Find insight of a digital own platform activity using social media listening and analytics tool, to build an effective brand communication strategy
  • Identify and analyze target audience characteristics, behavior and social media habits
  • Develop social media strategy and recommendation to meet business and communication objectives

What You Will Need

  • Graduate of Journalism, Mass Communication, Broadcasting, Marketing, Multimedia or equivalent
  • At least 1 year of experience in Digital Media Strategist (Web, Social Media, Email, Mobile) or have broadcasting experience in Event Organizer/Media
  • Knowledgeable on Social Media Listening & Analytics tools
  • Knowledgeable on broadcasting and video editing process and tools are preferred
  • Familiar with software editing video (Adobe Premiere, After Effect), graphic software design (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator) or 3D Software
  • Excellent in Social Media Campaign Planning (Digital Content Production and Digital Marketing – Writing, Strategies)
  • Good communication skill and personality
  • Ability to multitask and handle multiple projects and deadlines

About the Team

Our Digital Acceleration Team, consists of several people from cross-functional unit. Working closely with the Management team to support the ongoing Digitalization initiatives, we are mutually concerned with RSDK Ciamis’s brand positioning and creating the appropriate, cohesive brand voice. The gist of our role is to be a brand guardian for RSDK Ciamis and you will be our main Protagonist in Digital Role.
We are a tight-knit group made up of the Misfits, the Rebels, the Troublemakers, the Round Pegs in the Square Holes, and the ones who see things differently. We work hard and play hard, and believe it or not, we enjoy each other’s company!

Sorry! This job has expired.